It is viscose backing material coated with an upgraded special adhesive to meet the demands of our customers for supporting purpose. it is manufactured with serrated edge cut.

Materials: 100% rigid rayon cotton (High Tensile Strength)
Glue: latex free zinc-oxide
Adhesive strength:  >7N
Elasticity ratio: null
Validity time: 36 months
Fabric weight: 115g/sqm


  • Sports Rigid Strapping Tape,100% rayon cotton fabric,provide excellent tensile strength and superior comfortably.
  • Rigid tape adheres strongly,but easily and consistently to unwind the tape.
  • Zinc oxide,latex free,porous,minimized skin irritation.
  • Tan tone,support strong bandaging,will not transfer even under the most adverse conditions.
  • Hand tear,strong adhesiveness,width and length can be made as per request.
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