About Us

Started with small step and main objective was to approach every single sport person to introduce our products to them and demonstrate & test with the help of professional physiotherapist and give proper education of taping that how to prevent injuries during sports.

KnowSports is specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing new products for the sport market. Some of our well known products are Zinc Oxide Tape, Rayon Strapping Tape, Kinesiology Physio Tape, Flexible Elastic Bandage, Finger Tape, Pre-Wrap Foam, Self Cohesive & Thumb Tape.

We are ISO, CE & FDA certified manufacturer with Gold Medal prize awarded by WIPO-SIPO for our own patents.


A message from Co-Founder:

“Vision without action is a dream.
Action without Vision is passing the time.
Action with Vision is making a positive difference”

Meerani Mufeed
We Speak Sport’s Language



Sports without injuries


To provide the best quality product with the best support and strong adhesive with the possible low cost to offer world wide sports market to prevent sports injuries.