To compress and support joints or muscles, For strong compression when returning from injury ( e.g. sprained knee) use cut-edge tape 75mm over rayon strapping tape. Features Permeable and waterproof, can applied in high humidity or water. Can easily unwind, even to the end of the bandage. Latex free, zinc oxide, causes less allergic reactions risk Soft and comfortable Strong and reliable stickiness cotton and spandex backing material with Waterproof treatment

We can provide all sorts of specification according your requirement.
Applications as supporting tape used for strains,contusion,and sprains As fixing tape used for fixing splint,hot or cold packs As compression tape used for helping control swelling and stop bleeding As pressure tape used for promoting circulation and healing Also used for sports equipment binding etc.


  • Very easy unwind,
  • Air permeable,
  • Three colors.
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