• Muscle tape provides strong support for joints during high-stress sport activity, minimizing excessive joint activity that can cause injury.
  • Material:97% Cotton+3%Spandex
  • Coated with strong porous Acrylic glue.
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Kinesiology Tape can help with following conditions:

  1. Muscles and tendinitis strains;
  2. Muscles, tendinitis & joints sprains;
  3. Muscles,tendinitis & joints inflammations;
  4. Postoperative rehabilitations.

Benefits of kinesiology tape:

  1. • High-quality cotton cloth for maximum support;
  2. • Extra strong porous hot melt adhesive ensures the tape will not transfer even under the most adverse conditions;
  3. • Air permeability allows for evaporation of sweat. Maintaining strength and stability.

Use Kinesio Tapes For:

  1. • To add support restrict range of motion in the muscles and joints of players;
  2. • To assist in the prevention or healing of parts-related injuries;
  3. • For sensitive skin or frequent taping, apply under-wrap first before taping.

Properties of kinesiology tape:

  1. Provide good support to muscle, joints with full comfort;
  2. Good elasticity, basically same as that of skin, muscle;
  3. Use to prevent injury, to control edema and pain management;
  4. Adhering, no need of clips or fasteners;
  5. Maintains the original size, do not constrict;
  6. Well flexible and breathable;
  7. For best results, apply 30 minutes prior to activity;


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